133 Hay Street Kalgoorlie

Questa Casa is a historic operational brothel in Western Australia.  

Known to be operational in the early 1900’s, Questa Casa has had a working life of at least 115 years as a brothel…

 …and continues to age.

With it’s world famous corrugated-iron “starting stalls”, Questa Casa is the last of the original brothels  which were subjected to Western Australia’s containment policy.

Of all the houses  that constituted Kalgoorlies’ infamous Hay Street red-light district, we are the only original one left,

and as such, have become one of Kalgoorlies’must do‘ tours.

A curious cloak of gentility cloaks this frontage.  This house tells more of the town’s history and social attitudes than all the over restored pomp of Kal’s gold-rush grandeur.

The front belies the friendly interior. Once, the gates were decorated by under-clad ladies of the night, now, most stand empty, a sign of the times.

See them, before they vanish into the wastes of gentrification.

Naughty Operating Hours are:

Seven days a week – 7pm, ’til the lights go out.  

The girls determine how long they work,  sometimes it’s a short night……..sometimes a long one.